Jeremy SAWAs, fga, MV

Today, as a realised gem merchant and professional, I want to help reshape the system, having a positive impact at the source. I also want to help you protect your capital more than ever. 

At the end of conformist studies in economics early 2000’s, I finally graduate from EDHEC Business School. Like Marco Polo the Venetian merchant and his multicultural ventures, I then decide to become a Gem merchant myself. In other words: a gem expert. Now a FGA gemologist after graduating from the prestigious British Gemmological Association, and a jewellery appraiser, I could start the journey. Began another type of learning: the field. From Sri Lanka, the island of gemstones to Brasil – where I found my mentor – I became a gemstones buyer and I grew as a person. Followed experiences in small size cutting workshops, jewellery houses from Antwerpen, capital of diamonds, to Switzerland, famous luxury hub.

Now I am based in Basel, where I have founded Swiss Gem Assets.

Get in touch with me and let’s start.

Jeremy Sawas

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