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Gemstones by their nature are all unique in size, shape, cut, color and even origin. Let us guide you through the three different type of gemstones we’ve identified at Swiss Gem Assets. 

Gemstones investment Pierres précieuse investissement
Gemstones types depending portfolio size, source: Swiss Gem Assets
Gemstones investment

En vogue stones

Higher Liquidity – Low Correlation.

wearable and easier to resell to the wholesale. They are goods with a high level of saleability and a low correlation to financial turmoil and economical crisis.

More specifically, 2 to 5 ct Sapphire, Rubis, Emerald, Topaze and Spinel. Up to CHF 5’000.- /ct

Connoisseur stones

Medium Liquidity – Very Low Correlation.

With a medium liquidity and a very low correlation to external crisis.

More specifically, 2 to 10 ct Sapphire, Rubis, Emerald, Alexandrite, Tsavolite, Tanzanite, Topaze and Spinel. up to CHF 20’000.- /ct

Gemstones investment
Gemstones investment
Pear shape Top Brazilian Paraiba

One in a lifetime

Low Liquidity – Very very Low Correlation

Exceptional stones. Gemstones with a low liquidity and a very low correlation. Stones that are regularly breaking records at auctions. 

More specifically above 5 ct Burma pigeon blood Rubis, Kashmir Sapphire, Brazilian Paraiba, Colombian Emerald, Russian Alexandrite & Colored diamonds beyond CHF 15’000.- /ct

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