Expertise in gemstones at your service. At Swiss Gem Assets we believe in transmission and we teach you about this fantastic world.

A direct contact for a personalised investment of highly selected and ethically sourced gemstones.
From respected source and non-conflict areas.

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Gemstones from the source

Our mission is to provide the finest gemstones at a very attractive price and with a completely traceable journey from mine to market. Our gemstones only exchange hands with a very small amount of people and we share this information with you, every step of the way.

Expertise pierres précieuses
From mine to market: classic journey of a gemstone.
Expertise in Gemstones

Highest standard of beauty

Carat (weight), Cut, Color, Clarity, Origin, Certificates, enhancements .. we maximize the compromise of value and you take part of the process. Buying gemstones explained by our team of gemologist.

Guaranteed quality

All rare and natural gemstones, enhanced or not, come with an internationally recognized gemmological certificate. As well you’ll get a free certificate of value from our in-house experts.
Expertise in Gemstones
"Gemstones of the highest standards are getting more rare every day"

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