Everything you need to know on Certificates

Certificates act like the passeport of the stones. It will tell you everything you need to know about it. Gemstones can be treated (enhanced) in many ways and today only a very small fraction of all gemstones are fully natural and untreated. These becoming more and more rare due to less and less discoveries of viable quality gemstones deposits. 

All rare and natural untreated gemstones must therefore have an internationally recognized gemmological certificate. From laboratories like GIA, SSEF, Gübelin or GRS just to mention the best. The certificate will confirm not only the origin but also the absence of treatment.

For Natural colour diamonds, there should be no colour or purity enhancements. If there are, this must be made clear from the beginning, as it will severely reduce the price of the diamond.

Coloured stone certificates

The main labs to consider here are the three Swiss labs: SSEF, Gübelin Lab and GRS. The main purpose in a coloured gemstone certificate is to tell us about the Origin, any potential treatments and to offer a color description.The cut and other criteria are secondary.

There are now a few colour descriptions for coloured stones that will enhance the value of a stone dramatically: Pigeon blood and Vivid Red for rubies. Vivid Royal Blue and Cornflower Blue for sapphires. For Emeralds it’s the presence of oils or resin that will have a big influence on price, especially for Colombian stones.

Certificates coloured stones
110 ct untreated yellow sapphire on certificate
GIA Diamond certificate Sample
GIA certificate sample

Diamond certificates

For coloured diamonds and white diamonds, it’s the GIA who issues over 95% of the world’s diamond certificates. The other labs commonly in use for diamonds and coloured diamonds are IGI and HRD of Antwerp.

OUr Certificate

At Swiss Gem Assets we will issue a value certificate for free. You will be able to use it for insurance purposes. All the laboratories we have mentioned before never add the value in their certificates as they are strictly independent from the trade. 

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