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Behind the creation of Swiss Gem Assets lies the exceptional situation we are all experimenting since early 2020. The Pandemic, the Corona crisis or the Covid-19 crisis as we kindly name it and all the economic turmoil that followed as a consequence of governmental decisions, has enlightened the fragility of our economic ecosystems. As I write those lines, we are just coming out of a 3rd lockdown in most European countries.  More than ever, it’s a necessity to get ready to face moments of uncertainty and doubt.

We do not know what is coming next ? Countries have increased their level of debts to levels never thinkable before, and we might just be entering into a new decade of slow recovery, inflation and recession. 

Unlike paper money that have an established value, Gemstones have an intrisic value and will always represent a high-valued item in comparison to any other product. It’s a safe haven.

At Swiss Gem Assets, we give you the opportunity to add gemstones to your strategy of diversification. Get ready !!

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