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A team of experts at your service for an innovative solutions to your diversifying objective. The best of 2 worlds meet together in Switzerland, Gemmology and Finance, the perfect blend.

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A different approach to diversification

Diversifying your assets is the best way to get ready and diminish any risk, gemstones investment being just one more way to achieve this goal.
Buying stones at their origin allows to buy at a very attractive price and also provides us with a steady stream of market information such as availabilities, price or trends.  
A team of experts, gemstones from the source
A team of experts made in Switzerland

The guarantee of an institution

At the forefront of gemmology since 1908, the GemA is a blend of heritage, prestige and extreme savoir faire. Jeremy Sawas is a proud fellow of the gemmological association of Great Britain (FGA) since 2010.

Proudly established in Switzerland

Swiss Gem Asset is headquartered in Basel, in the very heart of Europe. We pride ourselves on being a prompt, transparent and innovative source for fine gemstones.
A team of experts made in Switzerland

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