Invest in gemstones

The perfect place to start investing in gemstones and diversify your assets. It's time to start protecting your wealth and think about the next generation !

Naturally scarce

Gemstones support a long-term investment strategy. The world’s supply of natural gemstones is limited to what already exists with very few new discoveries and with many of the large producing mines already mined out or nearly so.
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source: Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index - Coloured Gemstones
Invest in gemstones

Gemstones keep their value over time

Swiss Gem Assets believes in diversity and we help you diversify your portfolio with well-chosen high valued gemstones sourced ethically.
As the demand grows, and the mines go dry with very few new deposits, price will only increase and gemstones offers interesting yield over time

Anti-crisis placement

Gemstones have a very low correlation to any other financial market products. No overheated speculation, hermetic to financial crisis and market meltdowns. Regular auction record breakers. 

The anti-inflation asset by excellence.

Investissement pierres précieuses

a different way to protect your wealth

Invest in gemstones

Natural Scarcity

Less and less High-end natural gemstones on the market.

Invest in gemstones

Long term investment

Gemstones investment is about vision and it supports a long term investment. Gemstones are to be kept like a family treasure.

Invest in gemstones

An investment of passion

Gemstones have been fascinating humanity since its early beginning. At Swiss Gem Assets we share this passion and transmit our knowledge.

Invest in gemstones

Positive performance over time

Direct consequence of its scarcity, and with a demand only increasing, value of high end gemstones is very stable over time and increase year after year.

Invest in gemstones

A tangible asset

Hard asset by definition. It holds into one hands

Investissement pierres précieuses

Easy to carry

Easy to transport and hide in time of uncertainty.

"Tangible, stable value over time, rare and beautiful. What else ! "

Invest in gemstones today

It has never been easier to invest in gemstones

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